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5 Tips to Wear High Heels Without Foot Pain

Plan on wearing high heels? If you’re going on a long walk or plan to wear your heels for an extended period of time, you can expect your feet to hurt. Sure, heels may make your outfit stand out and give you that added height to boost your confidence, but it comes with the price of foot pain.

But we have the tips you need to experience heel pain relief.

You can wear heels in comfort, for the most part.


1. Choose the Right Size Shoes

A major issue that people have is that they always go with the shoe or heel size that they’re used to having. But, as a person ages and loses or gains weight, shoe size may also change. This change in shoe size must be accounted for so that the heel fits properly.

Improper sizing will lead to you having to squeeze your feet into heels.

It’s not fun.

You need to wear the right size heels if you want to avoid foot pain. If you haven’t had your feet sized in years or since you’ve had kids, it’s time to have your shoe size measured properly.

If you buy the proper heels, you’ll avoid a lot of potential aches and pains.

2. Shop for High Heel Insoles

You may have heard of shoe insoles, but did you know that they also make insoles for heels? A lot of women don’t know that they offer high heel insoles, but from my own experience, you’ll need to purchase an insole that is thin.

We have a lot of products we review, and I recommend looking at our MindInsole reviews, Vivian Lou reviews or our Euphoric Feet reviews  for a general, all-around insole that works well.

I recommend examining the heel’s current insole and seeing how much room you have in the insoles. If there isn’t much room, your insole may cause your foot to press against the top of the foot, causing more pain and discomfort.

3. Opt for Thicker Heels

Small, thin heels may seem like the “sexy” look, but they are also going to put a lot of additional pressure on your foot. These thin heels are also much harder to walk around in, so your foot may wiggle and your ankle may wobble.

A wobbly ankle may cause you to fall, or the wobble may cause too much stress on the ankle.

Stress will cause pain over time, and if you fall the wrong way, you may also cause stress fractures or breaks. It’s never a good idea to wear stilettos if you already suffer from ankle pain and discomfort.

Thicker heels are definitely the right choice in this case.

Stilettos, when worn too often, will cause your feet to hurt. Instead, opt for a thicker heel that is ideally made of rubber material. The rubber material of the heel is very important because rubber will absorb shock and pressure when you walk.

If you plan on wearing stilettos or thinner heels, you’ll want to allow yourself to take breaks.

Oftentimes, you’ll find women going to clubs or a fancy restaurant with heels. But, these women often want to make a good first appearance, and once they sit down, the heels come off. Why? They realize that their feet need a break from the heels.

And, these small breaks may mean the difference between heels that cause foot pain or heels that may be uncomfortable but don’t cause as much pain because you’re not wearing them too long.

4. Perform Foot Stretches

Foot pain can often be relieved with proper stretching. You’ll find foot stretches can help combat foot pain caused by flat feet, plantar fasciitis and other conditions. Which stretches should you be performing?

There are a lot of foot stretches to pick from.

I recommend taking your heels off, when you’re at a desk or sitting down at the dinner table, and pointing your foot straight down. This will cause the calves to elongate and stretch. You’ll also want to pull your toes upward to help stretch out your Achilles’ tendon.

You may also want to use a towel to stretch out your Achilles’ tendon.

All you need to do is place a towel under the ball of the foot, grab both ends of the towel, and pull the towel upward as far as you can.

When properly performed, the tendon will begin to stretch, providing you with pain relief.

If the outside of your foot hurts, feel free to gently move the ankle side to side, rolling it when sitting to avoid potential injury.

Proper stretching will allow the ankle to stay loose and will also provide pain relief in the long-term.

5. Shop for Your Heels at the End of the Day

This may sound strange, but you want to shop for your heels at the end of the day. Why? Well, doctors explain that the feet swell throughout the day. When you’ve been walking all day, your feet have been allowed to become swollen.

Why is this a good thing?

Since your feet are already swollen, you’ll be able to pick a heel that is more comfortable. When trying on heels and the feet are already swollen, you’ll have a better idea of how your feet will feel after wearing your heels for an extended period of time.

It makes a lot of sense.

Also, if you lead with your feet when walking, this will put more pressure on your feet. Most people walk this way, and it’s the right way to walk. But, heels make walking harder, so leading with your thighs instead of your feet will put less overall pressure on the ball of the foot.

When there’s less pressure on the ball of the foot, you’ll suffer less pain and discomfort.

Keep in mind, you may want to practice walking like this at home before going out in public. You want to keep your legs straight when taking a step like this, and you’ll be moving your legs from your hip to perform this movement.

Watch yourself walk in a mirror to see how you look walking like this.

August 20, 2018


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