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6 Reasons why you Need Insoles

You are walking elegantly and smiling at your colleagues but deep inside, you really want to break down and cry. Your good-looking shoes have been pinching and hurting worse than can explain and you really don’t know why because you have worn them for quite some time now. While kicking them off and allowing your feet to exhale will provide momentary relief, it will not solve the problem, but MindInsole can, and here is how.

The best insoles massage your feet while you walk, enabling blood circulation while at the same time making your shoes more comfortable to be in the whole day. They will also have several acupuncture points that will relieve pressure at particular points in your feet because – true story – when your feet are comfortable your mood is several times better.

So, why do some people need insoles?

There are several reasons – some that we can control and others that we cannot help.


Pronation is a natural process that defines how each of us steps. How far inside your foot rolls determines your pronation and unfortunately, there is not much you can do about your foot rolling way too far inwards whenever you make a step. Over-pronation can be corrected using insoles as it already causes instability in your walk as well as foot pain.

Your arch will need rigid or semi-rigid support to solve this problem and so insoles made of gel or cork will be the best. For first time use, you may want to go for semi-rigid support of the arch as rigid support can be quite intensive. If this arch support does not work as you feel it should, then you can go ahead and try the rigid kind. What will this insole do for your feet? Mainly two things: cushioning that will make your shoes more comfortable than they currently feel as well as support that will prevent your foot from over-pronating.


The opposite of over-pronation is over-supination where your foot rolls too much on the outer part. You naturally feel it when you walk, but then again, it is a natural occurrence that you can do almost nothing about – save for investing in a pair of insoles. The right product for this issue is a rigid insole that will force your foot to align better, reducing the pain that comes with wearing any size of shoes. Also, a deep heel will be appropriate for comfort, and so you may want to look at customizable rigid insoles to correct over-supination.

Plantar Fasciitis

This issue is perhaps the best known for why people need insoles. The plantar – that area that stretches from the toe to the heel of your foot – feels pressure and pain when you wear elevated shoes and so there needs support to reduce that exposure.

Semi-rigid insoles are the best for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, as leaving the foot bed unattended could cause inflammation that would require you to stay off your feet for a while. What do semi-rigid insoles do? They not only provide the foot with much-needed support, but they also provide some cushioning to that relieves pain when you walk or stand for long hours. If you are into sports, a customized pair could work better as these have better fitting and will definitely last longer. If you have tried insoles before but they didn’t work as you hoped, then going for rigid orthotic arch support is recommended – and especially for those involved in high-intensity activities.

Standing for Long Hours

Being on your feet for too long does a number on them. Jobs such as teaching, working in a salon or a restaurant require you to stand for long hours and pain can be unbearable at the end of the day even when you wear shoes with the right amount of elevation.

Foam insoles are ideal for pressure relief, support and cushioning, while the acupuncture points will massage your feet to move blood and nourish the tiny damaged fibers on your feet.

Differing Leg Lengths

It is not uncommon to find a person with a leg shorter than the other. When this is the case, one’s steps will be different so that the legs don’t hit the ground at the same level. Is that a problem? Certainly, especially being that the shorter leg will be subjected to more pressure than necessary. The ideal way to deal with this situation is to have insoles customized to elevate the shorter foot just enough so that both are on the same level. The custom insole will likely be semi-rigid for both support, shock absorption, and elevation.

Intense Sports Activity

Sports men and women exert too much pressure on their feet – heels especially – and so they find themselves in need of shock-absorbing insoles. If you ignore the pressure that comes from hitting hard surface with your feet for long, then you are likely to cause long-term damage to some nerves, which unfortunately, could manifest later as you age. Insoles with foam for support and cushioning as well as gel for shock absorption will suit the bill perfectly. Semi-rigid arch support is what you need as it combines both these materials.

Diabetics too need help with their feet since they become more sensitive to pressure over time, as will those with arthritis. There are special insoles for the diabetic and arthritic to improve blood circulation as well as manage the constant damage from normal activities.

Permanent Solution

If your situation is beyond your control – such as over-pronation and supination – only the right type of insole can help. Good thing these won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and they will last you a long time – and especially of they are custom-made. Get your pair already and enjoy walking in your shoes!

February 25, 2019


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