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About Us

Happy Feet Review was launched out of a passion for finding true, lasting pain relief. Did you know that 75% of the world’s population has foot pain of some kind? That’s a lot of people, and the footwear industry has done little to correct the issue.

There’s no reason for you to have to suffer from foot pain when there are so many alternative options at your fingertips.

Who is Happy Feet Review?

We’re a bunch of people, just like you, that have grown tired of having foot pain. We’re thorough reviewers of products to help people overcome pain, suffering and aching feet.

But, unlike a lot of people, we provide straight-to-the-point reviews that tell you all of the good and bad behind a product.

We have a day job, and while our job may take up some of our time, we also have a passion for providing our readers with real information. Yes, we provide a lot of reviews, but we also provide a lot of great information that has the ability to change our readers’ lives.

What We Do at Happy Feet Review

Happy Feet Review is a passion of ours, and it’s a way for consumers to find products that actually work. If you’ve ever tried on new shoes, they likely felt comfortable while you were in the store. You may have taken a few steps, and even worn them all day without discomfort.

But a few days later, your stylish shoes have worn down slightly, and now you have this throbbing feeling in your foot.

It’s not a good feeling.

Why did this happen? Perhaps the shoe’s design isn’t supportive. Maybe your foot has grown since you last measured it, so you chose a size that was too small.

This happened to us one too many times, so we started out on our search to provide more comfort to your feet. The answer? Shoe inserts that provide your foot with the comfort, support and adjustments needed to be pain-free.

What You Can Expect from Us

If you’ve ever read reviews before, you’ve probably scratched your head wondering why every product is “the best.” The problem is that a lot of these sites are all meant to make someone money. We don’t have an issue making money, but we also want to provide our readers with the best products in the industry.

And this means that we always mention the good and bad behind a product.

We have also found products that don’t work at all, and we will mention this in our reviews. We’ve even been able to secure special deals for our readers from the manufacturers of some of the products that we recommend highly.

You can always expect the best of the best reviews on our site.

But you’ll also find a lot of information on foot pain, foot conditions and how to relieve pain naturally. We know that a lot of shoe inserts work well for pain relief, but you also need to learn about what:

  • Causes foot pain and discomfort
  • Provides foot pain relief
  • You can do to stop persistent pain

Your feet take a lot of abuse – you’re on them all day. Insoles help and the right shoes can make a huge difference, but you can also find relief using natural remedies and tips that we provide. Oftentimes, a small adjustment in your routine can make a world of difference.

We hope that Happy Feet will provide you with the best information on the Internet to make your feet “Happy” again. If you have a product you would like us to talk about, please feel free to request a review. We’ll do our best to review the product in question if we haven’t already.

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