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​Benefits Of Professional Insoles For Occasional & Professional Runners

Running is one of the greatest sports ever – the movement works on pretty much every part of your body. Finishing an intense running session gives you a great feeling of satisfaction. Moreover, you know you basically invest time and effort in your health and looks. Running makes a great cardio exercise to burn calories. Do it regularly and your body will naturally reshape. It might take time to get into the habit, but you can do it both indoors and outdoors, regardless of the weather. However, running may come with an apparently small problem at times.

Insole Problems That Most Runners Overlook

You get ready to engage into this activity and you know how important it is to feel comfortable while you do it. You cannot do it in your sneakers or work shoes, so you invest in a pair of quality running shoes. So said, so done! Two weeks later, you realize that these shoes no longer feel as comfortable and good as they did in the beginning. The first time you put them on, you could barely feel them – you felt like flying. Today, they feel a bit sketchy. Where is the catch? How can you get over it?

The reason is pretty obvious. No matter what type of quality materials and light designs they innovate with, most companies overlook a basic aspect – the insole. Quality shoes will often come with skimpy insoles. Sure, shoes will feel comfy at first, but with time, these insoles will break down and lose their properties. Why? Easy! This is pretty much the only aspect where shoe companies can cut on the overall costs of their running shoes. In such a competitive market, most of them do it. And the bad news is that it reflects on the customers, even if many of them do not notice it.

Discovering the Solution

The insole available in most running shoes will probably cost around the same as a takeaway coffee. The difference between such an insole and a branded insole that will cost 10 times more is basically is somewhere in the 300 mile range. A top notch insole will break down eventually, but it will go at the same rate as the original midsole in your shoes. When the original one breaks down after less than 50 miles, you obviously need an upgrade. Sure, you can go on like that, but keep in mind that running is a high impact exercise.

It is far from rowing machines or cross trainers, which are said to be low impact exercise machines. Running will put pressure on your joints, as well as your soles, hence the necessity of proper insoles. Moreover, the arch support will go to another level. You will feel even better than before, while many of the joint pains associated with this activity will simply fade away.

Now, do you really need to spend money on a branded insole? According to a series of MindInsole reviews, you do.

Deciding Whether You Need a Branded Insole

Do not buy a branded insole out of nowhere for no reason at all. Some people are perfectly efficient while running – just like machines. Therefore, they do not need a new insole. Most people are not like that though. Ask yourself the following questions first and if you answer yes to at least one of them, it is pretty obvious you need a new insole.

· Do you find the shoe cushioning wearing out within a few weeks only?
· Do you feel sore after you finish your running session?
· Do you often run on asphalt or concrete, rather than a band in a gym?
· Do you think you could benefit from more comfortable running shoes?
· Do you experience problems while trying to find shoes with plenty of arch support?
· Is your budget for running shoes limited?
· Do you get injured on a regular basis?

Types of Insoles

There are more types of insoles and buying some for your running shoes implies doing your homework. Different people have different needs and expectations, which imply different types of insoles.

Cushioned insoles are highly recommended if you feel like your running shoes wear out way faster than expected. At the same time, they represent a necessity if you spend lots of time running outdoors on asphalt, as there is simply too much pressure going on your joints. On the same note, if you want more comfort and extra cushioning, this type is suitable to you.

On another hand, stability insoles are slightly different and they are mostly made with medical purposes. They represent a more obvious necessity, especially if you feel like you need more arch support. Furthermore, if you tend to overpronate, the same style will make things easier for you. Preventing those common injuries (even if they are not severe, but mild) is a piece of cake with a set of stability insoles too.

Defining Cushioned Insoles

Cushioned insoles are supposed to provide cushioning over the entire surface of the foot. They must be properly shaped to cover the arch as well. However, while many random insoles only provide support for the heel, a good set should target the toes as well.

Defining Stability Insoles

Stability insoles are self-explanatory. Their main role is to support the arch. In terms of purpose and construction, they are similar to orthotic insoles, which are used with medical purposes. Some brands focus on arch support and extra cushioning, while others tend to curb overpronation. It is up to you to figure which type of problem you try to prevent or take care of. A few reviews from previous buyers may also lead you in the right direction.


In the end, insoles are easily overlooked by most people – even runners. Unfortunately, they represent an actual necessity in most cases, whether you realize it or not. No matter how experienced you are or how intense your running sessions are, chances are you will feel much better with a new set of insoles.​

December 20, 2018


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