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December 20, 2018

Certain pains are chronic and associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Such pains do not necessarily have a treatment, yet some people may take painkillers or other generic drugs to keep them under control. However, the real way to get over them is to make some small changes. When it comes to calves, knees or feet, […]

Running is one of the greatest sports ever – the movement works on pretty much every part of your body. Finishing an intense running session gives you a great feeling of satisfaction. Moreover, you know you basically invest time and effort in your health and looks. Running makes a great cardio exercise to burn calories. […]

December 18, 2018

When people consider insoles, they usually consider reducing the size of their shoes by half a unit, just in case they get painful corns. Some others may consider insoles because the inside of their shoes is all rough, so they need a softer surface for extra comfort. There is also the situation when they need […]

Insoles are often overlooked, whether your shoes are brand new or their interior is already tearing apart. Most people consider them when it is already too late – their shoes are already wrecked on the inside or their medical condition is already painful. Ideally, you should have insoles as soon as you get new shoes, […]

December 17, 2018

​ Often ignored, insoles are more than just some accessories you purchase if your shoes are too large or uncomfortable. In fact, insoles are extremely diversified and quite different from inserts. The more advanced version – the orthotic insole – is recommended by specialist doctors and aims to heal a series of medical conditions. All […]

Plantar fasciitis is currently one of the most common heel affections leading to painful sensations. It can affect one heel or both of them. The name is self-explanatory – it affects some ligaments known as plantar fascia. Their main role is to absorb shocks from walking, running, jogging or even standing up. When these ligaments […]

December 14, 2018

Discomfort inevitably kicks in at some point or another in your shoes. It could be a few weeks after you got your new running shoes or a month after getting a new pair of elegant shoes. It might be a pinching sensation in your running shoes or a chafing sensation in your work shoes. Either […]

Better known as the heel bone, the calcaneus is the largest bone in the foot area. Given its status, it obviously has a big responsibility there. Since your feet take all the pressure from your bodyweight, the task is mostly handled by the heel bone. It supports all the tension coming over and must absorb […]

Your feet go through thousands of steps on a daily basis, not to mention the extra tension applied whenever you stand up, drive, walk or run. These are by far the most exposed parts of your body because of all the stress they need to take. As if all these were not enough, more and […]

Insoles are often overlooked and associated with medical conditions only. The truth is they make a good addition to anyone. Whether you already have a problem, you try to prevent a problem or you simply want more comfort, insoles represent the ultimate choice. As if all these were not enough, these small accessories will also […]

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