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Confused by Variety? Here are the Various Types of Insoles

“Which specific insole do you need? Gel, cork, and foam? Sports oriented or for esthetics?” These questions immediately throw you off and make an otherwise simple exercise quite complicated. So, where do you start while all you need is a pair of shoe inserts that will make walking in your new shoes bearable?

Well, there are many things to look into when buying insoles, but at the end of this article you will know what to ask for next time you buy a pair of insoles such as the ones in these MindInsole reviews.

There are quite a number of insoles out there to serve various purposes.

Gel Insoles

Gel is heavier than most of the other material used to make insoles, and so it makes for the ideal shock absorber. These insoles are popular with those involved in high-intensity activity such as running on concrete, fast-paced walking, courts sports such as basketball and tennis, and any other activity that subjects the foot to too much unnecessary pressure. Gel padding reduces fatigue on the feet and the wearer feels less drained after a high-intensity workout.

Carbon insoles

Those who suffer from arch collapse need these insoles for their sporting activity. The carbon fibers that their bases are made of also makes them ideal for flat feet and so those suffering from plantar fasciitis will find them quite helpful. They are not just for sports people.

Sport insoles

Sporting requires hitting concrete ground quite hard, and so feet need shock absorbers to stay in perfect shape. Being as they have gel, these insoles absorb not only shock but perspiration as well. They are the best suited for sports and high-intensity activities. Noting that different sports call for specific arch support, the soles come in different makes. Runners require soles that provide them the right support for their heel-to-toe movement while a stiff sole is ideal for cyclists who need stability while on the pedal. For skiers and skateboarders, a warm foot-bed is ideal and so the insole should retain heat. Most sports insoles are custom-made to suit the sport.

Cork insoles

Diabetics and the arthritic are quite sensitive due to medical reasons, and so they are advised not to step on plastic or any synthetic material. Being as normal shoe insoles are made of just about any material, cork insoles are made specifically for this lot. Although these effective perspiration absorbers are made specifically for the diabetic in mind, anyone can use them. They are quite cushy too.

Biomechanical insoles

This insole is a work of art, thanks to the different materials combined to make it. Cork and graphite are usually combined with aluminum or plastic to form a rigid or semi-rigid base that is them topped with leather to make it soft. They are usually custom made and quite popular with athletes.

Silicone insoles

This insole is quite simple as it is only made using silicone. It is an excellent shock absorber and is not made for any specific foot or disorder. The density of the sole remains the same throughout its life and the wearer uses it as a whole unit to replace the insole that came with the shoe.

Height-increasing insoles

This shoe insert, also known as a shoe lift, is ideal for those born with one foot being shorter than the other. These inserts naturally have a thicker pad that increases length of one or both feet, and also acts as a shock absorber. They can be used medically to reduce the excess pressure and load subjected on the shorter foot’s Achilles heel, or cosmetically to boost confidence in shorter people.

Heat-moldable Insoles

The first time you wear insoles, you notice they are there. They are mint and yet to really conform to your foot, but that happens over time. Heat-moldable insoles don’t take that long to conform to your feet. They become one with your shoe almost immediately and your feet loves them instantly. Before inserting them in your shoes, you’ll need to heat them in the oven for short while and then stand on them as they cool. They’ll take the shape of your feet. Most people love them for this simple customization that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Kid’s Insoles

The little ones need support too fir various reasons. Could be you just want them to be more comfortable in their shoes or they have plantar fasciitis. These insoles, specifically designed to fit kids, with all the perks of an insole.

How do you tell an Inefficient Pair of Insoles?

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing until you have worn them. Normally, effective insoles should be comfortable to be in all day while doing what the maker says they are supposed to do. If it is arch support you need, and you bought a pair specifically meant for this, then it should be supportive. Insoles are designed to be broken into almost as soon as they are worn – some will take a few days before they fully conform to the shape of your feet – and so if it’s been two weeks without results you hoped for, you probably wasted your money on an unworthy brand.

High-quality insoles will;

  • Improve your stability.
  • They will greatly improve blood circulation in your feet, thanks to the little massages they give your feet as you walk.
  • They are integrated with materials that will work well for arch and heel support to ease pressure on feet as well as get rid of foot pain.
  • You will feel much better walking in your shoes even if you’re diabetic.
  • Promote faster recovery from damage caused by standing all day at work.

What Works for You?

As we noted above, different insoles are for different people and needs. You really don’t have to consult a doctor to get the right pair as your distributor should already have enough information. How long does a pair of high-quality insoles last? Depends on how often you wear them and the intensity of the activity you’re involved in, but generally, not longer than six months.

February 25, 2019


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