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Everything you need to Know about Insoles

When you have so much information on something, you expect everyone to be just as informed. Well, wrong assumption, and this I learned perfectly last week when my mom asked me the most basic questions about insoles. Later when I took stock of the information she requested and the answers I gave, I realized there was nothing basic about her questions.

So, here goes an in-depth piece on various insoles and when you need them. You will also get more information from reading these MindInsole reviews.

Arch Support Insoles

Say you need a little bit arch support while yearning for that cushy feel that will massage your foot while walk. These insoles take care of that, thanks to the standard premium cushion that sinks in when you step on the sole, but retains some degree of firmness for arch backing. These insoles are some of the most popular because of their flexibility as well as ample support.

Being semi-rigid, they can be worn by anyone and are especially helpful to those that spend lots of time in closed shoes or on their feet for the better part of a day. So, if you are just transitioning into orthotic inserts and need a little time to adjust to that feel, or you have mild discomforts around your arch area, these insoles are for you.

Before buying a pair of these babies, you will need to know your arch type so you buy one specific to your needs – there are usually three types; low, normal high. This way, you know that high arch support insoles are designed for high arches and so on.

If you are constantly walking around with poor arch support or feel as though your arch is not in a proper position then take a look at insoles that are designed to offer better arch support.

Orthotic insoles

Orthotic insoles are quite particular of their market. They normally come in rigged or semi-rigged nature and so most times they are custom made. Also, quiet popular with athletes and those involved in high-intensity workouts. These shoe inserts are meant to offer heel and metatarsal support, and so they are made of a combination of material to meet these particular needs. They not only provide foot support, but they also align the foot where one walks with an improper stance. One of the reasons they are popular with sports people is the ability of the wearer to control motion and as well as flex their toes while in them.

They come in either ¾ or full size so the wearer can decide what works best for them. Width? Since most of orthotic insoles are custom made, they are available in various levels of thickness for ample support and comfort. The thicker they are, the better they get at shock absorption.

You may want to know in advance that they are a little uncomfortable the first time you wear them – thanks to the rigged form. They take a little longer to get used to when compared to gel insoles, but you will get used to them over time.

Gel or Comfort Insoles

Gel is ideal for shock absorption, which is why it is one of the materials used for insoles. If you spend several hours in your shoes or standing, then your preferred insoles are those made of gel as they are not only soft but cushy too. They are quite soft and allow your foot to sink right in, making them quite easy to adjust to for newbie wearers.

They are also ideal for athletes who have no such issues as over-pronation issues as they absorb shock coming from hitting the ground forcefully. Those with mild foot ache and foot aches that do not need that much medical attention will also find these insoles quite helpful. If you need lots of arch support, these insoles are not really the best for you. Anyone can wear them – whether for every day wear in office shoes, fast-paced walking, or to boost your sports shoes.

Athletic Insoles

They are also called trainer insoles for the market they target. They have a built-in arch and heel-to-toe design that enables the wear to move properly when engaging in extreme sporting activity. They are made of cork since it provides both support and comfort, but the ones with a rigid base are mostly made of foam in combination with other materials to make them more supportive.

These insoles are made to boost support whenever it is needed – be it on the heel or the arch. You can get them off the shelf or have them made to fit too. Sports that call for foot protection? Court games, running, soccer, football, or even jumping and cycling for proper foot alignment. Or, insert a pair in your casual wear and see the difference it makes.

Heel Support Insoles

Ever bought shoes that didn’t have proper heel support but hated giving them away? You can solve this problem by inserting heel support insoles. They are sold as whole insoles that you insert in your shoes or heel cups that you only place in the heel area.

They prevent slippage, making boots and heeled shoes safer to walk in. the thickness of the sole will mostly depend on how much support you need as well as the type of shoes you’re wearing. Wearers of high-heels find them especially beneficial. They are made of various material to offer several benefits.

Those made of gel are soft yet quite form for more support while those made of foam are quite thin. These are a bit rigid and ideal at preventing slippage. If you are a high-heel wearer, you may prefer full-size insoles made of cork for support and comfort as well as stability. You don’t need to have any foot problem to wear these insoles.

Are Insoles Necessary?

Yes, they are, and especially when you have consistent foot pain from putting too much pressure on your feet or from natural foot alignment. They can also replace insoles that come with shoes, especially when they are not the best.

February 26, 2019


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