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Looking for the Best Insoles? Here is what to look for

Shopping for anything is fun, isn’t it? You get to explore all available options before picking one – or five. Well, shopping for shoe insoles is a bit different. Instead of selecting the one that goes with the color of your shoes, you want a pair that does its job perfectly.

Most insoles that are in shoes that we buy do not serve the foot as they should. They are usually quite thin and so the wearer of the shoe is always feeling that pinch that only gets worse when they walk on hard surface or stand for many hours.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

On normal circumstances, most people don’t need extra cushioning and especially when they don’t have to be walk around too much or when the heel of their shoes is stable. A small number of us needs arch support to help us improve the way we step. There are a few conditions that lead to foot pain and for which people seek the help of insoles.

Over-pronation is basically when your foot rolls too far inside and causes you to walk in a way different from others. The opposite of it, over-supination, is when your foot rolls to far outside and causes pressure on the entire foot. These two phenomena cannot be helped as they are naturally occurring, but you can correct them with the right pair of insoles.

Plantar fasciitis is yet another occurrence that affects lots of people. Best described as having a flat foot, the area stretching from the toe to the heel is flat and so your body weight is squarely on it. That causes too much pressure when you walk or stand for a while and the pain can be unbearable.

Other issues that cause foot pain and require insoles include standing for long hours as all the weight of the body is on them, differing leg sizes – where one is shorter than the other and so the shorter leg is overburdened – and participating in sports where you hit hard surface with so much pressure regularly.

Various insoles work differently – shock absorption, arch support, and cushioning for more comfort. It all depends on the issue you want to address.

How to Choose the Right Solution

What exactly is the problem for which you are seeking a solution? That is always the first part of knowing which product to use. You want to identify the shape and size of your foot, your arch type, and any underlying medical condition that the insole is intended to address. This will also help you determine whether or not you may need to see a podiatrist. Having this information will help you choose the right insole for your foot as the wrong kind will not do much for you.

How do you know your arch type? Few people even bother with this vital part of purchasing an insole, but there are several YouTube videos with proper directions. If those are not conclusive enough for you, pay a visit to an orthodontist or podiatrist for an even more detailed review of your foot type. They not only measure your feet, but they also do further analysis to determine any underlying foot problems and later recommend the ideal type of insole.

The Various Types of Insoles

Aftermarket insoles – those that come already installed in your shoes – are not always the best. Most are just too thin and if your job requires you to be on your feet for many hours, then they will be uncomfortable.

When you notice that the innersoles in your shoes feel like wood, you automatically think of replacing them with cushioned ones that provide some much-needed comfort and support. You may also be thinking of getting those high-heels a little more stable.

A cushioned insole is designed in such a way that the cushy material within is well-distributed within the shoe and so weight spreads evenly. Apart from relieving pressure on specific parts of the foot, they also absorb shock when you walk on a hard surface since they are thick and comfy. Being used to thin aftermarket insoles, you are likely to feel a little uncomfortable in them the first few days of use, but you settle into them quite easily after a few wears. These cushioned insoles are the most common on the market as they cater to a general audience. Unfortunately, they are not customized and so you would have to trim them to fit.

Sizing of Insoles and Trimming to Fit

Insoles are made for the mass market and so they are sized in shoe-size ranges. You will have “6-8” or “8-10” but never a single size. It is up you to trim them for a better fit. Once you have trimmed the excess material off, you are able to fit them into your feet without trouble as they replace the existing innersoles.

Insoles come in two size – full-length and ¾ length. Naturally, the 3/4s are to be placed on part that needs support, and so they will not replace your regular insoles.

How long should it be before you feel the change in your feet from wearing insoles? Well, the cushioning provides immediate relief and they are designed in easy-to-conform material. There will be no curve as opposed to rigid orthotics that take a little while to get used to. Insoles last up to six months and within this time, they will have done their job. You certainly will need another pair as your feet will be too used to the ample support to ever want to go back to stiff soles.

Benefits of Insoles?

The benefits are numerous.

  • More stability especially with high-heeled shoes.
  • Improved balance.
  • Arch and heel support.
  • Weight distribution for less pain in various parts of the foot.
  • Improved posture and gait.

If your shoes are the right size but always killing you at the end of each day, then it could be tome to bring in some reinforcement.

February 27, 2019


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