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On your Feet All Day? Here’s why you could Need Insoles

If you work a job that requires you be on your feet all day, then you could use some insoles. Even more specifically, insoles that have several acupuncture points that massage your feet while you walk. For the last decade, medics have been telling us that sitting is harmful for the body, but it turns out standing for too long isn’t as good either. So, are you going to have to leave your job?

Well, that may not be an option because bills still need to be paid, and so the genius thing to do is counter the effects of standing for long hours with the best shoe inserts in town.

Problems Associated with Standing for Long Hours

The main issue that most people bring up is foot pain, as it is the most uncomfortable. What you may not see or know is the musculoskeletal disorder that does not manifest as fast as the other smaller issues.

Knees, thighs, lower back, shins, calves, and hips all feel the effects of standing for long hours. Interestingly, standing causes more disorders to the lower limbs than sitting for lengths of time too, and if not checked, the body experiences other issues. Varicose veins, venous insufficiency, as well as the worsening of coronary diseases has been noted in those who stand for too long and for too many years. These health issues are worse for older people as their bodies are already less strong at their advanced age.

How to Counter the Effects

As much as you can, you want to alternate standing and sitting down for a while. If you spend two hours on your feet, spending the next one seated will reduce the stress on the feet and provide some form of relief, even of for a short while. While at it, you will benefit immensely from shifting your weight from one foot to the other.

If you cannot, regular stretching helps with proper blood circulation, which sends nutrients to the extremities where they are needed. A massage and cold treatments work too. In addition, these solutions will be handy;

Custom Made Orthotics

Insoles do so much for your feet. Apart from cushioning them to absorb shock, they also provide loads of support, making all that standing bearable. They come in various forms so that you can choose the kind that fits your needs and lifestyle perfectly. Rigid and semi-rigid types correct over-pronation, supination, and they also work best for those involved in strenuous sporting activity, while soft arch support is best for those who stand all day, thanks to the foam in them.

The main idea behind using inserts every day is to correct your step – in the event of over-pronation and plantar fasciitis that affects the heel – relieve pressure on your joints and ligaments, as well as improve posture. They are the best known source of support for many feet problems.

Compression Socks

If your legs are always fatigued from all the blood pooling as a result of being on them all day, you can replace your regular socks with compression socks. Blood pools in all the wrong places as a result of negative pressure, which is how you notice swollen legs at the end of the day. Compression socks aid in venous blood flow so that it keeps flowing back to the heart where a fresh oxygenated supply is sent back to the extremities. While these socks alone won’t solve the issues associated with being on your feet for too long, they ease the pressure. There are three ranges of compression; 15-20, 20-30, and 30-40 mmHg and you should ask your doctor for recommendation.

Stretch Regularly like you Mean it

Most people think of stretching as the mediocre part of pre/post workout when one moves their limbs just for the sake of it. Would you believe that proper, dedicated and regular stretching could actually be the solution to most of your joint aches?

If you cannot make time for a proper workout, then 20-minute yoga sessions would work just as well. The most affected parts of your body when you spend too much time on your feet is the lower part, and so activating the various muscles every now and then works wonders. First part you should think of: gluteus Maximus, being as it is the largest muscle in the body and so activating it makes for an excellent way to improve your flexibility. A simple exercise as kicking an imaginary ball will activate them and make movements much easier. Hamstrings are yet another part of the body that becomes too stiff from standing all day. Lastly, make a point of saving time for a 20 minute daily yoga stretch. Your body will thank you.

Wear the Right Shoes

Shoes will make or break your feet – okay, not literally, but they will play a big role in how you feel at the end of each day. The right pair is not necessarily a flat one – as it turns out a little elevation is great for your feet. Heels higher than 3 inches cause strain to the legs and so you are likely to harm those sensitive nerves on your feet. Much as those stilettos make you look sexy, they may not be that worth it. If you must wear them, then get the ideal pair of shoe inserts to match. If standing for long, then the heel has to be much lower.

Is the damage caused by standing reversible? Well, it all depends on how much damage has been done. The longer you spend on your feet, the more irreversible the damage becomes. Still, it’s not too late to insert that MindInsole insole in your shoes for more cushioning and support.

February 25, 2019


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