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Seven Myths About Insoles Debunked – The Truth & The False Revealed

Insoles are often overlooked and associated with medical conditions only. The truth is they make a good addition to anyone. Whether you already have a problem, you try to prevent a problem or you simply want more comfort, insoles represent the ultimate choice. As if all these were not enough, these small accessories will also increase the lifespan of your shoes, as they will no longer degrade so quickly on the inside. In other words, it is about protecting your investment as well.

With all these, there are a series of misconceptions about these accessories. Many of them are somehow related to real facts, while others are transmitted by word of mouth without any solid base. Those are nothing but random myths without a single piece of truth.

Here are some of the most common myths about insoles debunked. Find out the story about them and whether or not they are real.

Softer Insoles are Better Insoles

Wrong! In fact, this is a terrible misconception that will cause more harm than good. Sure, insoles are often softer than the ground. But on another note, completely soft insoles are extremely inefficient. In the worst cases, they will actually aggravate the problem. When you first start wearing them, you will love going into a cushion. It feels comfortable and convenient. However, foot misalignment is only a few steps away.

Handling such a problem implies using a mixture of different structures – some of them are soft, while others are supposed to be hard. When used together, their main role is to reshape the foot alignment.

Insoles Are Useful for Pains Only

Another misconception! Sure, medical insoles or professional models like MindInsole will, indeed, help against painful sensations. These cases occur when people wait for too long before seeing a doctor. The truth is that the leg has a perfect pattern to handle movements, especially when it comes to movements that require agility – such as jumping or jogging. The whole body works together. Therefore, if one part is misaligned, it ruins the whole system.

Many times, it starts with the feet. Small parts of the original insoles tearing apart will cause an imbalance. Pains and inflammation will go up to the knees. They will transfer to the hips, not to mention the lower back.

Insoles Are Specifically Made for Athletic Shoes

Many insoles are actually used in athletic shoes, but this is not a general rule. Some others are used in medical shoes, not to mention everyday insoles. Some of them may even go in women’s heels. Generally speaking, wearing high heels is not recommended because they affect the posture. Longterm effects are not too attractive either. Lots of ladies decide to take the risk for the love of fashion, hence the unusual designs of insoles for women’s heels.

The point is insoles are quite diversified and not designed with the sports purposes only.

Customized Insoles Are the Best for Medical Conditions

While customized insoles will ensure that you get the right size, this is yet another myth. You can find them in all sizes in commerce without spending a fortune on customization. Sure, there are more changes in their composition and design too. Here is the funny thing. If you need custom insoles and you try three different craftsmen, chances are you will get three different results.

With these aspects in mind, custom insoles represent a choice for extremely severe conditions. Other than that, they might be a waste of money.

Insoles Are Comfortable Right Away

Insoles work like braces. They are not comfortable right away when used for medical reasons. They are supposed to apply a bit of pressure here and there in order to move your feet in the optimal position. All the elements in your feet will have to get familiar with a new position and that feels uncomfortable.

Insoles used for comfort are different. They have no medical purposes, so they are used with the one and only reason to add to your comfort. In this case, they should be comfortable right away, yet they might feel a little unusual at first.

Insoles Are Meant to Brace Feet

Insoles cannot work if they are extremely soft. On the same note, they will not work if they brace either. Cheap insoles will only work on the arch. Every other part of the foot will be ignored. Quality insoles will target the whole sole. It features various areas of support, not to mention cushioning. Apart from the actual arch, there are tendons and muscles that must be targeted as well.

Flexibility becomes even more important in terms of medical issues. There are a few patterns that underline a correct and healthy foot movement, whether you walk or you run. The healthiest one goes from the external rear of your heel through the arch and to the internal front of your toe. Such a movement just cannot be achieved if insoles brace, hence the necessity of flexibility.

You Can Use the Same Insoles for Both Feet

Wrong! Just because you can turn them upside down and it looks like they can fit, it does not mean that you can move one insole from one shoe to another. On the other hand, you can move an entire pair of insoles from one pair of shoes to another.

Most people only use one or two pairs of shoes (one for everyday and one for work or one for work and one for the gym). You are less likely to change your shoes whenever you go out. If you are the type who forgets things, it might be wise to get a pair of insoles for each pair. Otherwise, just swap the insoles over and you should have no problems at all.


Bottom line, insoles represent a necessity for both healthy and unhealthy people. Unfortunately, many myths related to them have nothing to do with the reality. There is no scientific background behind them, hence the necessity of some research before trusting anyone.

December 14, 2018


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