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Soft Insoles – What They Are Made From & Used For

Your feet go through thousands of steps on a daily basis, not to mention the extra tension applied whenever you stand up, drive, walk or run. These are by far the most exposed parts of your body because of all the stress they need to take. As if all these were not enough, more and more people sacrifice comfort and health for the sake of fashion. You risk damaging your feet and getting painful conditions because certain shoes make you look better – terrible mistake. However, if you really have to go through all these, the good news is you do have an alternative.

Insoles represent an optimal choice for multiple reasons. They make your shoes more comfortable to wear, but they also prevent medical problems like corns, calluses, heel pain and others. Unfortunately, most people wait until they actually experience such problems before investing in insoles. They wait until they can barely walk because of the pain, so they require rest and medication. In the most severe cases, heel pain and associated conditions may lead to surgery. As if all these were not enough, insoles make a good choice to keep your new shoes in good condition for longer.

Insoles come in more shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Choosing the right set asks for some education. When it comes to a medical condition, it pays off seeing a specialist doctor upfront. All in all, insoles come with multiple levels of rigidity – soft, rigid and semi-rigid. Soft insoles are more popular and here are the most common situations to use them.

Handling Bunions

Bunions can easily be prevented by wearing the right insoles if your shoes are not right. Most people become aware of this when it is already too late and they experience bunion pain already. What does this affection mean? The tip of your shoes is too tight. Therefore, the big toe is pushed against the next one. At first, it feels uncomfortable, but you get used to it.

How can you tell you are about to get bunions? If the ball is pushing the shoe material on the inside, chances are you will end up with this problem. Tight shoes represent the main reason for it. Moreover, other types of foot stress are also responsible for it, not to mention arthritis.

If the bunion issue is not so severe but just slightly uncomfortable, a soft insole could be the key. Opt for a key insole for extra relief. On the other hand, if the situation is severe and pains are exquisite, chances are you will require a rigid insole. It is highly recommended to see your doctor as well and perhaps get a custom orthotic insole.

Just like you have probably guessed already, you need to get rid of the problematic shoes too.

Dealing with Calluses

Calluses are quite common and they rarely become painful – yet it might happen. When they occur under the foot and not on a side, getting rid of the dead skin is the optimal way to ensure the skin keeps regenerating and refreshing itself. In this situation, gel insoles become your best choice.

Soft Insoles – What They Are Made From & Used ForTry this tip if the infection is painful – place the insoles in the fridge for at least a few hours before using them. They might feel a bit uncomfortable, but this tip will help with the pains.

Keeping Hammertoes under Control

Hammertoes have a few different causes and one of them is related to a flat foot. This is by far the most common reason. If you have a flat foot, it pays off handling the situation as quickly as possible. Since the arch has no contour, an insole to support it might be the best way to prevent hammertoes.

Ideally, you should look for a set of insoles with slightly obvious bumps behind the ball. It will take a few days to get used to these bumps, but they are essential to keep the affection under control. They put pressure on your arches, so they affect the toes, which will inevitably straighten. In other words, these bumps relieve the tension off your toes.

Controlling Diabetic Foot Pain

Diabetes is an affection with many associated interactions. It spreads by causing other known affections, so patients must always be en guard. Diabetes is also known for affecting feet. It causes fatigue, as well as exquisite pains. Hypersensitivity and neuropathy will kick in as well. As a direct consequence, patients end up with sores and ulcers. And the bad news is they take ages to heal – yet another effect of diabetes.

Diabetic foot care is extremely important in living with this disease. When choosing the right soles, make sure you opt for a soft rigidity. Remember that diabetics should not step on plastic or other synthetic materials, so not all soft insoles are alright. The ones made for diabetics come with a plastazote cover. The material works like memory foam – it takes the shape of your feet and prevents blisters and sores.

Managing Differently Sized Feet

When one leg is shorter than the other, you need to find a way to get them to the same level. Believe it or not, only 25% of all people have even legs. However, the difference is so small that most people cannot realize it. As unusual as it might seem, backaches are the main symptoms of such a problem.

Reach to a podiatrist to find out how big the difference is. If it is too big, you have a severe problem – chances are you have already noticed the difference anyway. Otherwise, you might need some comfort insoles or just one.

Other issues that might require soft insoles include having to wear shoes that do not fit perfectly and pain under the feet. For any of these problems, soft insoles will make all the difference in the world.


In the end, soft insoles do have a series of benefits and uses. It is important to know whether or not they can help your condition. If in doubt, simply seek help from a specialist doctor.

December 14, 2018


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