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What’s the Difference Between Insoles, Inserts and Orthotics?

If you have shoes, which I hope you do, you know that there are insoles inside of your shoe. These insoles, or the cushion area, can be removed, or an insert or insole can be put into the show with the original insole still in place.

When talking about insoles and inserts, they’re both the same thing.

You’ll find people calling insoles “inserts” and inserts “insoles.” But orthotics are a lot different. You’ll find over-the-counter orthotic inserts, and a lot of these are basically inserts that have a fancy name attached to them to make a sale.

When you want to buy an orthotic insole, you’ll want to find one that has been designed for your specific foot issue. If you have flat feet, for example, you’ll find a lot of inserts that have been specifically designed to provide you with arch support.

What Insoles and Inserts Offer

When people suffer from foot pain, they often deal with the pain and forgo a doctor’s visit. Cost often gets in the way, and people don’t want to spend money on an issue they can fix at home. Why do you think sites like WebMD are so popular?

People want to self-diagnose or solve a problem that they’re dealing with.

Foot pain, when it’s still bearable, is one of those problems that people keep pushing off. But insoles and inserts can solve many of these aches and pains, and you’ll find them online, in grocery stores and at your local pharmacy.

When you purchase inserts, you’ll find that you need to replace them often.

Every 3 – 6 months on average, you’ll need to purchase a new insole. It seems like a big expense, but it’s really not. These insoles often provide:

  • Additional cushioning
  • Additional support

You may find some of these insoles have been designed for specific foot problems. For example, there are insoles designed to help plantar fasciitis and the most common foot issues. A lot of these insoles can be trimmed, and this allows you to place them in most any shoe without an issue.

But if you’re wearing high heels, I highly recommend reading through my Vivian Lou reviews because this is a thin insole specifically designed for high heels, which are often tight.

There are also companies offering insoles that aim to provide overall body health. Magnetic insoles, and insoles that focus on acupressure points are making their way into stores. These items offer a different approach to foot care, and a lot of people have found relief with these products.

In general, it’s often best to find an over-the-counter insole or insert that will solve your foot-related problems if your pain isn’t serious. It may take just a small adjustment, most importantly more cushioning and a slight correction, to find pain relief.

What Orthotics Offer

Orthotics are interesting because the word “orthotic” has been attached to many insoles. A “buzz” word, a true orthotic is much different than any “orthotic” that you’ll find in a store. Why? Orthotics, or a true “custom orthotic,” is meant to be customized to you.

I have personal experience with orthotics, and I can tell you that for a serious issue like I have with my one ankle, a custom solution is the only way to go. I used to buy a brace on Amazon, and while it worked fine, it started to cause me extreme pain after a year or two.

Custom orthotics for your foot will be designed to match the issues you’re facing with your foot.

It’s a truly customized solution that takes your foot structure into account.

Orthotics, in this sense will require that you:

  • Visit a foot specialist that will evaluate your foot structure
  • Conduct a few tests to determine the root cause of your foot problem
  • Mold your foot to find the perfect fit for your feet
  • Wait for the orthotic to be fabricated
  • Revisit the doctor to have a fitting and to make sure the orthotic works

Podiatrists will know the biomechanics of your foot, and they’ll offer a solution that takes your foot’s problem into account.

This means that if you have flat feet, the orthotic will be custom-designed to correct your arches. You’ll find a lot of quick relief, and it will be a custom orthotic that will last for years without needing to be replaced.

When your pain is very severe, you’ll want to go with the advice of a professional that can prevent further foot damage from occurring. It’s often these small changes that will lead to long-term pain relief .

There’s always the option to try an over-the-counter insert and switching to a custom orthotic if you don’t find the relief you’re seeking.

In most cases, people will shop for insoles and inserts before going to a podiatrist.

Orthotics can help alter the way a person walks, too. These orthotics address:

  • Improper gait
  • Improper posture
  • Foot pressure abnormalities

How to Choose the Right Solution for Your Feet

Everyone wants to know when to visit a foot doctor or try and correct their issues on their own. There’s no easy answer here, but the general census is that you can help correct foot issues with insoles and inserts unless:

  • You’re born with a condition that is foot-related or makes it difficult to walk
  • You’ve been injured and need to find a solution to compensate for lack of strength or mobility
  • Your pain is so severe that walking is impacted or has become a strain on your normal lifestyle

I don’t know what type of foot issues you’re dealing with, so it’s best to go to a doctor and see what they recommend for your foot issues. Oftentimes, a podiatrist will be honest and tell you what the main issue is that’s causing you pain.

You might just need to buy an insole, or the doctor may tell you that you need new shoes.

There’s a lot that can go wrong with your feet, and if you can’t find relief with products purchased online or in stores, you can always have a custom orthotic fabricated to your body’s unique biometrics.

September 10, 2018


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